Vitamins For Scalp

How to Apply Vitamin B5 to the Scalp : Hair Care & Beauty ToolsThe health of your hair and scalp is affected by your nutrition; certain vitamins help keep your hair shiny and your scalp smooth and hydrated. Because of these effects, these nutrients are often added to supplements that are marketed to prevent or delay hair loss.

Without vitamin C, hair becomes brittle and the scalp weakens. It can be applied topically by mixing citrus juice with shampoo, but is more effective when eaten regularly as part of a balanced diet. Foods rich in vitamin C include broccoli, tomatoes, papaya, mango and …

Here are the key vitamins for hair growth that you need to enrich your scalp and help grow healthier, longer hair. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) promotes healthy cell growth, helps maintain red blood cells thereby supplying vital nutrients to hair follicles.

Vitamins for hair growth will provide you with essential nutrients and moisture to give your hair a healthy boost to maximize your hair's health and growth.

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