This is also known as urinalysis or UA, this procedure requires that one provide a sample of urine.

Either a test card is used on site for immediate results or the sample is sent away to a lab to undergo gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (also known as GCMS), high performance liquid chromatography or immunoassay analysis. An explanation of GCMS is beyond the scope of this article.

To start with, if you feel you may need to take a urine drug test you will need to pass you can pre-test yourself easily by buying a home urine drug test kit for around $7 to $50. This will help you to determine if you need a product to pass a urine drug test.

Most urine drug test kits can be found at your local pharmacies. There is no stigma involved in asking for a urine drug test kit. If you feel you may need a urine drug test kit simply ask your pharmacist for an OTC urine drug test and test yourself.