Things to take into consideration when purchasing any Gaming pc

Weight and Size

These both go hand in hand, weight is proportional the size usually. If you need a Gaming pc that will be a desktop replacement and not moved around much then the weight and size of it won’t effect you too much. A large Gaming pc is nice to have as it offers more power to do what you need to do, along with the ability to be portable if need be. Desktop replacement Gaming pc are nice, but not something you’ll want to lug back and forth everyday to work and back.

Battery Life

Battery life is a very important issues concerning best gaming pc under 500, after all their primary function is to be portable, thus using a battery to make them so. Some Gaming pc have the ability to use extended batteries and some even allow one of the bays to be swapped out to allow for two batteries to be used to further extend the life of the power available. If you intend on using your Gaming pc as a portable computer where it will always be on the go with you then make sure you check the estimated battery life, then check with independent sources to verify that the Gaming pc actually gets that kind of mileage from the battery. Something I personally might take into consideration as well is the cost of buying a secondary battery, some Gaming pc batteries can be very expensive while others not so much.

Screen Size

This might go with the size of that Gaming pc, or at least it’s somewhat related but really depending on what your needs are you might need need a huge 17” screen Gaming pc, yes a large screen is nice, but if a 14” screen will work for your needs then why get the larger one and not only add weight but size as well.

Storage Space

This might seem obvious but not really, the amount of things you can store on your hard drive is something you need to consider. The size of the hard drive can vary greatly between machines and prices of them, you can get a Gaming pc with a small hard drive or some that even have two hard drives in them, but of course your cost is going to rise exponentially with the more storage you get. Now you might say if you run out of space you can store it elsewhere, or just swap out for another hard drive, yes both are feasible options, where the second not so much, swapping out the hard drive requires you to also reinstall the operating system as well which requires more work on your part. Try and figure out the size you’ll need based on your common usage of things, what programs you need to have installed, maybe take movies and music with you as well, movies will come and go but your music collection will likely stay there and grow taking up more space.