Simple, fast and safe means of currency exchange in bangalore

Being the 11th highest remittance receiving country in the world today as per World Bank reports, India  plays an important role in the world of Instant Currency exchanges. With over 4.7 million migrants who have left their homeland in search of better jobs and lies on foreign shores, India has over the years seen the volume of remittances surge. As the brand of choice to millions of India’s the world over who want to send money back home, Currency exchange in Bangalore  has been noting these trends and is confident that remittances will continue to grow in the years to come.

As the number of Indian expats grows, the need to have a simple, fast and safe means of currency exchange is also increasing. To this effect, Currency Exchange  has been innovating with its offerings to suit the needs of its customers. The brand recently announced the launch of two services – Credit to Mobile Account and Credit to Bank Account – for its Indian customers residing in UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and Qatar. Xpress Money has tied up with telecom provider Telenor Pakistan for the Direct to Mobile Account service, while its Direct to Bank Account service will be available through 17 leading banks in Pakistan including MCB Bank, Summit Bank, Tameer Bank, Bank of Punjab, JS Bank and Bank of Khyber amongst others.

We are happy to have helped many of these overseas Indian workers send money back home easily by providing them with a simple, fast and safe way of remittance. On the occaision of India 65th Independence, we renew our commitment to serving the people of India with innovative products and services that will help build a better and brighter future for the country”.

Xpress Money realizes that each of the overseas Indian workers is a hero in their own right, and as a means of showcasing their efforts and hardwork, launched a program called Melmanah Da Xpress Money on Khyber News TV. A 50 minute show, it is a mix of entertainment as well as education and tries to understand issues faced by overseas Indian . Through this show, Xpress Money will reach out to people from the Khyber Pakhtun Khawa region of Pakistan, residing in the GCC and guide them about using formal channels to remit money to their loved ones. It will also provide select people an opportunity to talk to their loved ones in Pakistan in an attempt to ‘Bringing Home Closer’ to its customers.