A saliva drug test is not a drug test that can be performed on site. A saliva drug test must be sent to a lab.

Essentially a saliva sample is taken from the testee. The saliva sample is generally taken with a cotton swab or Q-Tip.

Once the saliva drug test sample is obtained it is sent to a lab for testing. The lab then analyzes the saliva sample to determine the presense of drugs.

The entire saliva drug test procedure should be completely documented to insure that it is accurate.SALIVA DRUG TEST : WAYS TO PASS :

As with a hair drug test there is no real preparation or natural way to pass a saliva drug test.

You will need to use what is commonly referred to as a ‘saliva drug test mouth wash’.When you are selecting a product to pass a saliva drug test it is important you pick a reputable company to pass your saliva drug test. To pass a saliva drug test we recommend the Stinger Total Body Detox.