Procedure For Urine Test

A urine drug test must be requested specifically or as part of a toxicology screen, and are not part of a routine urinalysis so if you are going for a doctors visit don’t sweat it if they ask for a urine sample.

In the event the urine drug test is requested for employment reasons the urine drug test is typically given to avoid hiring people using certain drugs, either for safety reasons (as in the case when a person is employed to operate dangerous machinery) or for legal and public relations reasons.This controversial practice is not always legal and an employer can legally not discriminate against someone solely on the basis that he refuses a drug test.Take note though, if you refuse to take a urine drug test that does not prohibit the employer from coming up with some other ‘reason’ not to hire you.If you can pass the urine drug test, take the urine drug test and don’t try to stand on the moral highground or because it is the ‘principal of the thing’.

More often, a urine drug test is performed at the behest of the legal system–by a police or probation officer, by court order, or as part of a court-ordered drug treatment program.

IMPORTANT: If you are under court order to take a urine drug test it may be a felony to tamper with the urine drug test sample. Under no circumstances do we advise you to try to pass a urine drug test when doing so is against the law. Your best bet in this situation is to avoid the use of all drugs.