Pass Urine Drug Test

Pass urine drug testShop for more products topass a drug testURINE DRUG TEST : The low cost of a urine drug test is one of the factors that makes a urine drug test so attractive to employers.That fact coupled with the ease of the test and the almost instantaneous test results when using a urine test card make a urine drug test the choice of most employers.

Urine drug tests are not as popular as they once were though. Other types of drug testing is taking its’ place in the marketplace including hair & saliva drug testing. So keep in mind that if your employer says you are getting a drug test make sure it is a urine drug test before you buy something to pass a urine drug test.

A couple of reasons urine drug testing is waning in popularity and many employers are taking a pass on giving urine drug tests is that a urine drug test is considered an intrusive type of drug test and that many employees find them offensive. Another reason is the prevalence of products in the marketplace to pass a urine drug test which defeats the purpose of an employer giving you a drug test in the first place.Another reason urine drug testing is losing popularity is that it is one of the least accurate types of drug tests and can yield many false positives.False positives can be as high as 5% and cause problems with many non-using employees.This does not mean that 5% of employees are getting away with doing drugs, it means that 2.5% are getting away with it but the remaining 2.5% are being wrongly accused of drug use.

A urine drug test tests for certain chemicals which are typically present in the urine only after recreational drug use.