Kids Mermaid Costumes Help you

kids mermaid costumes Kids love to dress up no matter what the occasion not just kids actually but Halloween is an extra special dress-up time so why not choose the favorite mystical character of generations and get one of the kids mermaid costumes this year?

One of the Sweetest Kids Mermaid Costumes!

This lovely mermaid costume will fill her with delight and her friends will be left in no doubt at all that shes a mermaid (some costumes are a bit hard to tell just what theyre supposed to be arent they?)

The dress is in soft marine shades of aqua (so appropriate) pale purple and pink and has a lurex and sequin tail which will shimmer as it catches the light just like real fish scales.

The soft purple bodice has an attached bra top with pink sequins, long sleeves and sequined trim over the shoulders. A soft aqua peplum marks the waistline where she changes from human to fish.

The seaweed boa isnt included but is available to purchase separately.

Always one of the Favorite kids mermaid costumes Ariel The Littlest Mermaid

And this mermaid style dress will be ready to head out and have some on land adventures!

Little girls love to dress up as their favorite storybook characters and Ariel has been a popular choice for many many little girls over the years she covers two favorite themes a mermaid and a Disney princess both at the same time.

Included in this beautiful Storybook Ariel Prestige Child Costume is a deep aqua mermaid style dress with sparkly lurex bodice with contrasting front inset, braid trim, silver shell style bra top and character cameo.

The tail section of the skirt is layered and features glittery storybook character prints.