Hair Pass Drug Test

A hair drug test tends to test positive about twice as often as a urine drug test and it is difficult to pass a hair drug test without some type of hair follicle shampoo.

According to a recent study on hair drug tests, out of 1, 832 paired hair drug tests and urine drug tests, 124 hair drug tests were positive while only 57 urine drug tests were positive. Unlike the urine drug test, the hair drug test is not significantly affected by brief periods of abstinence from drugs. Even if you stop using for a period of weeks the chances of you pass hair drug test without a product designed to pass a hair drug test is very slim.

While the hair drug test does allow a company to test for substances over a longer period of time and can be extremely accurate, the hair drug test does not usually detect use within the past week due to the fact that your body has not metabolized any substances out of your system and into the hair follice.If you have used ONLY within about a week of your hair drug test it should be no trouble to pass your hair drug test.

As hair grows out, any drugs used are encased in the hair shaft, so the longer the hair, the longer back in the individual’s drug history the lab can detect. A hair drug test is also capable of determining when the use of drugs occurred and when use was discontinued.

A hair drug test is often considered an unobtrusive drug test by employers because they are just taking small hair sample during the hair drug test process. But because a hair drug test is much more expensive than othe types of drug tests employers use them less frequently due to the expense of the hair drug test.A word to the wise – for a pre-employment hair drug test, the inability to obtain a sample may be grounds for not hiring the individual.

The above facts combined with the fact that it is difficult to pass a hair drug test are the primary reasons more employers are migrating to the use of hair drug tests regardless of the expense. The goods news though is that as hair drug tests have increased in frequency the marketplace has responded with products designed to pass a hair drug test.