Buy Adsense Account and secure yourself from Kicking Off Of Adsense by google

Getting your account suspended or shut down on Google Ad Sense is pretty much “end of story” if it happens to you. But if you buy adsense account it can bring you changes of the world!

Read the webmaster forums and blogs and you’ll get the understanding that AdSense will shut your account down even if you did nothing wrong. Once it’s shut down, its rare that they’ll reopen it on appeal.

Janet, who goes by the name “Newspapergrl” claims to be one of the few to ever had their account reopened, after a very influential person stepped in on her behalf and convinced AdSense to do so.

Why will AdSense shut your account down?

Click fraud.

It’s the biggest problem on their minds. Click fraud is what can potentially ruin the AdWords system. If advertisers get the feeling that the clicks they’re buying are not converting into sales and leads, then they’ll stop buying from AdWords. Hence, Google is doing everything in its power to convince advertisers that the clicks they’re buying are valuable.

Google will take your account down if your site is producing useless clicks, whether or not it’s something you did. If you know someone is clicking your AdSense units just for your benefit, you need to put a stop to it. Once your account is shut down, you ain’t getting it back.

Another way to get shut down by AdSense is to place instructions above the AdSense unit asking visitors to click the ads. Stuff like, “Please click on these links”, or “Please visit our sponsors”, will get your account suspended or shut down.

If your account is shut down, I don’t have much advice to give you. I’ve never had my account shut down, and don’t want to experiment with it.

On the other hand, while AdSense is still the name of the game in the contextual advertising sphere, they can enjoy the position they’re in. It’s going to take a big surge from Yahoo! Publisher Network to force Google AdSense to be more honest. It can still happen, hopefully. So buy adsense account and get yourself away from the trouble.