Balding Edges From Braids

HOW TO : BOX BRAIDS FOR BALD EDGES / ALOPECIA +FAKE EDGESPrior to transitioning to wearing my natural hair texture, I wore hair extensions and weaves to give my naturally fine hair a much thicker appearance. My favorite go-to styles were braids (that I usually wore in a bun on top of my head), weave ponytails, half wigs, full wigs– you name it.

It only pulls out the front edges cause that’s the most fragile part of everyones head but if you have thick hair you won’t lose your edges but your hair will grow braiding it.

Sometimes, bald patches are hereditary or a sign of female alopecia, a condition where patches of hair fall out. alternatively, the hair loss could just be the result of wearing tight braids or cornrows for years, which put too much stress on the hair.

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